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The Underneath (television series, drama) Amber washes up on a flooded beach in Key West, Florida. After surviving the lawless aftermath of a flood, she joins others as they follow a shared vision of a heaven on earth known as “The Underneath”.

Evol (feature-length narrative) Michelle, is a Vampire with a dark past and Christopher is a zombie with a conscience. They’re on the run, trying to escape the consequences that come from satisfying their hunger for flesh and blood, while at the same time trying to maintain a healthy relationship.

Love/Hate (feature-length narrative) Michael and Maya stage elaborate scams involving public fights to fund their aimless travels around the world. After becoming pregnant they struggle with accepting parenthood and work to pull off one final con so they can retire.

Seduction (feature-length narrative) Kate hires Jason, an escort and over several nights, what began as role-playing between a man and a woman, becomes increasingly confusing and dangerous as they explore deeper levels of intimacy.

The Descent (feature-length documentary) During his last two weeks before going to jail for defrauding investors of 28 million dollars for a film about the “god within”, Mac Parker looks back on a ten year long spiritual odyssey that went bad which saw him become the master-mind of a massive ponzi-scheme.

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